Using the opposite hand, for example with a fork, improves the strong will in participants of a study

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Roy F. Baumeister, Matthew Gailliot, C. Nathan DeWall and Megan Oaten;”Self-Regulation and Personality: How Interventions Increase Regulatory Success, and How Depletion Moderates the Effects of Traits on Behavior”  Journal of  Personality, Volume 74, Issue 6, December 2006, Pages 1773–1802



Life Is Better and Happier For People Who Believe Willpower Is Unlimited

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This is because they are better able to cope when life gets more difficult.

This experiment focused on people who joined online groups. Those who were strong willed scored their life as happier than those who were not.

People who are strong willed also score higher in exams than those who are not.

Bernecker, K.; Herrmann, M.; Brandstätter, V.; and Job, V. (2015). Implicit theories about willpower predict subjective well-being Journal of Personality DOI: 10.1111/jopy.12225