Self-compassion does not delay your productivity.

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People who forgive themselves and reward themselves don’t perform worse than those who don’t; they perform better.

Kelley J. Robinson, Selina Mayer, Ashley Batts Allen, Meredith Terry, Ashley Chilton,  and Mark R. Leary “Resisting self-compassion: Why are some people opposed to being kind to themselves?” Self and Identity, Volume 15, 2016


Repeatedly giving students reward for creative performance in the first task

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increased their creativity in next tasks. (Study 1 and 2)

Study 3 reported that reward promised for creativity increased college students’ creative task performance.

Second, expected reward for high performance might increase creativity. Everythin by enhancing perceived self-determination and, therefore, internal task interest.

Study 4 found that employees’ internal job interest conveyed a positive relationship between expected reward for high performance and creative suggestions offered at work. ”