It turns out that your feelings toward your phone show your feelings toward people.

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Attached people also described using their phones more for accessing social networking sites. They also used them more for smart phone functions.

Veronika Konok, Dora Gigler, Boroka Maria Bereczky, Adam Miklosi “Humans’ attachment to their mobile phones and its relationship with interpersonal attachment style” Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 61, August 2016


Scientists have proven that, despite the information coming to your senses we don’t see other things.

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Only 6% (24 of 396) participants noticed money hanging on a tree, when focused on the cell. But they bypass a  tree without any problem.

Hyman Jr., I. E., Sarb, B. A. & Wise-Swanson, B. M. (2014). Failure to see money on a tree: inattentional blindness for objects that guided behawior, Front. Psychol.,