The researchers found that commitments and higher goals motivate us to do better work

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A study that was done by Adam Grant and his associates put a little sign under the soap dispensers that said, “Washing your hands reduces your patient’s chance of infection.” That produced a 45 percent increase simply by reminding the

doctors of a commitment that they had made long ago when they began their careers.


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During one research, people who recited the words, “you can do it” completed more anagrams than those who said, “I can do it.”
Maybe the word “you” triggers memories of receiving support from others when we were children.

Dolcos, S., & Albarracin, D. (2014). The inner speech of behavioral regulation: Intentions and task performance strengthen when you talk to yourself as a You European Journal of Social Psychology Volume 44, Issue 6, October 2014, Pages 636–642