A custom office helps workers be more productive.

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This study shows that workers who can change their office work better than those who can’t. Having control over office space allows people to feel more comfortable. This lets them work better.

The study shows that rich workplace decor produces better team performance than lean spaces.

Greenaway, K., Thai, H., Haslam, S., & Murphy, S. “Spaces That Signal Identity Improve Workplace Productivity” Journal of Personnel Psychology, 15 (1), 2016


There are a few things that help to overcome depression.

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The thing that helped people the most was relationships. A person who has a strong relationship is more likely to get out of depression.

The next thing is to have a good income. That may be hard to do, but if you can manage it then you have a better chance of getting out of depression. High income and having religious faith helped with recovery from depression. People who earn more than $80,000 per year are more likely to recover than those earning less than $20,000 per year.

The next thing you can control is to get enough exercise.

Older people and women are also more likely to fully recover. From another side, people who experienced abuse or anxiety disorders in the past were less likely to recover.

Esme Fuller-Thomson, Senyo Agbeyaka, Deborah M. LaFond, Mercedes Bern-Klug Flourishing after depression: Factors associated with achieving complete mental health among those with a history of depressionPsychiatry Research, Volume 242, August 2016


A study has found that taking photos makes you enjoy seeing things more.

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This study allowed two groups to take a virtual tour. One group took photos and the other did not. The group that took photos ranked their experience higher than the group that did not.

The study also found that taking photos of a bad experience will make it feel worse. Therefore, try to avoid taking photos of things which are not good.

Diehl, Kristin; Zauberman, Gal; Barasch, Alixandra “How taking photos increases enjoyment of experiences.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 111(2), August 2016