Study: We Prefer One Expensive Wine Rather Than 2 Cheaper Ones As a Gift

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What more, recipients also said that they prefer cash to vouchers, more (cheaper) wine, and larger, better second-hand books.
Teigen, K.H., Olsen, M.V.G. & Solas, O.E. (2005). Giver-receiver asymmetries in gift preferences. British Journal of Social Psychology, 44, 127-148.


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Most people would prefer that you simply buy them something that they’ve told you they want.

In a study, participants were happier receiving a gift from the wedding list than receiving a surprise gift. Researchers achieved the same scores in the next two studies.

Interestingly, in the final study recipients said they’d appreciate money more than items from the wish-list. Givers fought that argument and said that it is not true.

It looks like people like to get money first, later the item from a wish-list, and lastly at the end, a surprise gift.

Now life looks easier. Right?


Gino, F., and Flynn, F. (2011). Give them what they want: The benefits of explicitness in gift exchange. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47 (5), 915-922 DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2011.03.015


There is a “Christmas Spirit Network” In the Human Brain

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The brains of people who celebrate Christmas show increases in activity. Researchers noticed activity in the sensory motor cortex, the premotor, and primary motor cortex.

These areas of the brain are associated with spirituality, somatic senses, and recognition of facial emotion among many other functions.

Brain scans of people who haven’t celebrated Christmas traditions nor have neutral associations with the holiday didn’t show this same kind of activity.