Children as Young as Eight are Just as Capable as Adults to Recognize the Seriousness of Criminal Acts.

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Children as young as eight are just as capable as adults to recognize the seriousness of criminal acts.

Researchers presented dozens of 8-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and young adults with eight vignettes each.

The researchers found that 8-year-olds rated criminal acts as worse than mischievous ones. They also connected these judgments with the more serious consequences of the criminal acts for the victims.

“Future research is needed to replicate these findings with children from diverse socio-economic levels and ethnicities and those with a history of criminal offending before drawing policy implications,” the researchers concluded.



The Police Believe a lot of Psychology Myths Related to Their Work

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What more, police officers have more confidence than the public in their false beliefs.

There are the statements or myths:

“People only confess when they have actually committed the crime they are being charged with.”

“Eye-witnesses are always the most reliable source of case-related information.”

All of these statements are not supported by research.

UK police believed, on average, in 18 of the 50 false statements vs. 19 among the public.

Even in interview techniques the police performed as poorly as the public, despite the training.