Children Born via IVF (in vitro) Might be Developmentally Advantaged Compared to Their Peers

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Researchers compared 67 children born with the help of IVF and 67 children born without any medical intervention. They compared their mental ability. The researchers didn’t find any differences between the two groups.

At the same time, the researchers asked about the child’s social, communication, and motor skills. They found that the IVF group achieved higher scores in communication and motor skills.

We should caution that these scores were only based on parental interviews.

Friedlander, E.; Mankuta, D.; Yaari, M.; Harel, A.; Ebstein, R.; and Yirmiya, N. (2015). Cognitive and social-communication abilities among young children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 1-14 DOI: 10.1080/17405629.2015.1115343


Children as Young as Eight are Just as Capable as Adults to Recognize the Seriousness of Criminal Acts.

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Children as young as eight are just as capable as adults to recognize the seriousness of criminal acts.

Researchers presented dozens of 8-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and young adults with eight vignettes each.

The researchers found that 8-year-olds rated criminal acts as worse than mischievous ones. They also connected these judgments with the more serious consequences of the criminal acts for the victims.

“Future research is needed to replicate these findings with children from diverse socio-economic levels and ethnicities and those with a history of criminal offending before drawing policy implications,” the researchers concluded.



People who experienced unpredictable childhoods performed worse at inhibition, but performed better at shifting.

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Shifting means switching between different tasks. Inhibition means being prevented from certain impulses like hitting someone. It can also be a delay of gratification from pleasure.

Regarding unpredictable childhoods, the researchers meant changes such as in house and living, and changes in parents’ employment status.


Religion or spirituality has positive impact

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on romantic/marital relationships, child development, research shows.

Adolescents who attend religious services with one or both of their parents are more likely to feel greater well-being while romantic partners who pray for their “significant others” experience greater relationship commitment, according to research.