I believe in personal development and scientific studies which help people grow.

That’s why I search the internet and libraries to provide you with interesting and useful tips.

For Whom Did I Develop This Site?

I know you’re busy.

So many things are your priority and you’ve got a team to lead. So I don’t want to waste any of your time and I created this site for people who, like me, have little time, but want to improve their health, beauty, social relationships, productivity, and finally, finances.

That’s why you will not find “long” 10-minute videos. Almost. You will not find long articles with multiple pages, or even one-page-long articles.

But you will find one photo, a brief description of (mostly research activity) guidelines and a link if you want or need to know more.

This allows you to learn proven methods to improve your life quickly, even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Why research?

I noticed that it often comes true. Besides, the research is carried out on many people, so we know that these methods really work.

For example, almost all development gurus say, you should visualize success. But did you know that students who visualized their success received worse grades, and some even had problems passing? In contrast, students who did not visualize a happy ending achieved better exam results.


The World Doesn’t Need More Information

Instead, what the world needs (and values) is a trusted authority who will organize and aggregate all the GOOD information that’s actually worth reading into one place.

What does naukopedia mean?

Naukopedia is compound from two parts: nauko which means “science” and pedia from encyclopedia. 😉 So easy, right?

Have a nice day.

Kamil Kuczynski