even after their diet improves. This is because the sugar diet leads to long-term reprogramming of gene expression.

The gene is also important for humans, so the findings may have broad implications for us.

The team fed a healthy diet containing 5% to those given 40% sugar. After three weeks both groups of flies ate healthy food.

Even after healthy diet, the flies with a high-sugar diet started to die earlier average had 7%.

Maybe now the question rise: is it better live longer or more pleasure? Adam J. Dobson, Marina Ezcurra, Charlotte E. Flanagan, Adam C. Summerfield, Matthew D.W. Piper, David Gems, Nazif Alic; “Nutritional programming of lifespan by FOXO inhibition on sugar-rich diets“; 7, Cell Reports 18, 299–306 January 10, 2017