Put More Effort Into a Project And You’ll Become More Passionate About It

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In a research survey, 54 German entrepreneurs received projects to undertake. Researchers asked questions and the answers were used to generate ratings of effort and passion.

Those who put more effort into the tasks were more passionate about succeeding than those who did not put in much effort.

It showed that passion has a particular structure: free choice, results, and genuine effort. 



A research study showed that practicing mindfulness meditation for fifteen minutes enhances decision making

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One study with 156 online participants looked for mediating factors. This showed that mindfulness meditation resulted in less focus on the past, future, and negative effects.

What more, members made faster choices by cutting losses in the financial stock market. It is our usual tendency to continue losing because of previous investing.


“People in an organization have a deep need to know and understand what is going on around them in relation to their work.

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Several thousand employees said it.

“…The more thoroughly and accurately you report to people the details and situation of your business, the happier they will be, and the better results they will get.” – Brian Tracy

Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” – Brian Tracy chapter 7, p. 115


Four Experiments Showed that a Brief Glimpse of Green Improved Creativity

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Green on a background of white and grey backgrounds worked. It was also effective when set on a background of red or blue.

The participants performed tests of creativity after observing a colored graphic on a screen. After completing their tasks they reported on their mood and how they felt they did on the test. People who saw green graphics before evaluation ranked themselves higher than those that didn’t.


If your football team lose yestarday your work perfomance will suffer on the next day.

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Football team lose yesterday? Your work performance will probably suffer today

Research show that workers rated themselves as less absorbed in their work, less dedicated to it, and pursuing it with less vigour.

“When football fans are dissatisfied with the performance of their team, they experience negative affect that makes them less engaged in their work, which, in turn, results in lower performance,” the researchers said.



People with a plan reached their desired goal faster

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Experiments examined school children from the ages of 8 to 12. These children needed to plan out a desired academic future.

The control groups imagined only the academic future they wanted. They did not address how to reach that goal.

The study found that students with a plan reached their desired goal better. (more…)


A Tired Body is an Awakened Mind

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A study examined the relationship between the time of day and creativity.

There were two segments of time considered in this study. These times differ from person to person.

The first time of day is the ‘optimal’ time of day. This is when a person feels most awake. In ‘non-optimal’ times of day, a person does not feel as awake.

It found that during the non-optimal time of day was better for creativity. The optimal time of day was better for solving problems that were less creative.

It may be that when a person isn’t thinking as clear that they are more creative. A certain amount of tiredness can help in finding intuitive solutions to a problem.