Working mum does not harm the development of their children in the age 0-5.

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The study involved 1,053 families.

The researchers found that the 580 working moms spent less time with their children than the non-working moms. But the difference wasn’t far less than we expect.

Working mothers compensated it by sacrificing other activities. They spent less time on housework or socializing than non-working mothers. They also spent more time with their children at weekends.

Moreover, the quality of interaction working mothers had with their child tended to be superior. Working mother often played talked and hold their infants.

on the picture: mom and infant who are reading my website

Huston, A.C. & Aronson, S.R. (2005). Mothers’ time with infant and time in employment as predictors of mother-child relationships and children’s early development. Child Development, 76, 467-482.


High-sugar diet shorten lives of flies

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even after their diet improves. This is because the sugar diet leads to long-term reprogramming of gene expression.

The gene is also important for humans, so the findings may have broad implications for us.

The team fed a healthy diet containing 5% to those given 40% sugar. After three weeks both groups of flies ate healthy food.

Even after healthy diet, the flies with a high-sugar diet started to die earlier average had 7%.

Maybe now the question rise: is it better live longer or more pleasure? Adam J. Dobson, Marina Ezcurra, Charlotte E. Flanagan, Adam C. Summerfield, Matthew D.W. Piper, David Gems, Nazif Alic; “Nutritional programming of lifespan by FOXO inhibition on sugar-rich diets“; 7, Cell Reports 18, 299–306 January 10, 2017


Children who ate healthy had an IQ up to two points higher by age eight.

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The study watched at the relation between the eating habits of children at six months, 15 months and two years, and their IQ at eight years of age.
The study compared more than 7000 kids.
Children who were breastfed at six months and ate healthy had an IQ up to two points higher by age eight.
Healthy diet included legumes, fruit and vegetables at 15 and 24 months.
Children who ate biscuits, chocolate, lollies, soft drinks and chips in the first two years of life had IQs up to two points lower by age eight.
Smithers, L.G., Golley, R.K., Mittinty, M.N. et al. Eur J Epidemiol (2012) 27: 525. doi:10.1007/s10654-012-9715-5

Metaphors helps you reduce your negative emotions

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Fifty participants spent 5 minutes each day for a week to write about their negative emotions. They wrote either literal words such as, “I felt anxious or confused,” or they used metaphorical words such as, “I felt like a leaf in the wind.”

Only the participants who wrote metaphors decreased their depression and negative emotion ratings.

They also found that metaphors can affect a feeling. For example, people rated neutral words as more pleasant when they were printed in a white font rather than a black one. We can connect it with “light” which we associate metaphorically with “good.”


Fetterman, A., Bair, J., Werth, M., Landkammer, F., & Robinson, M. (2015). The Scope and Consequences of Metaphoric Thinking: Using Individual Differences in Metaphor Usage to Understand How Metaphor Functions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology


With greater physical exertion comes the experience of more positive emotion

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One researcher surveyed the emotions of two ultra-runners. They ran for a 10-week period and covered 3641 kilometers (2262 miles) across Europe. The route included a variety of terrain including flats and mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees.
Researchers found the following:
-the more physical exertion they expended, the more their mood intensified
-four key factors: mental stamina, motivation to test one’s limits, friendliness with their partner, and self-awareness
The results of the test showed: when people do amazing things, they feel more energetic in other areas of their lives.

Johnson, U., Kenttä, G., Ivarsson, A., Alvmyren, I., & Karlsson, M. (2016). “An ultra-runner’s experience of physical and emotional challenges during a 10-week continental run”, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 14 (1), 72-84

A Daily Cold Shower Seems to Work Better Than Drinking Coffee

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3018 people took daily cold showers for 30 days for at least 30 seconds.

Participants who took a cold shower recovered faster from flu than those who didn’t. But they did get sick as often as the rest of society.

Work productivity and levels of anxiety didn’t increase. But the participants experienced other benefits like higher energy levels.

Citation: Buijze GA, Sierevelt IN, van der Heijden BCJM, Dijkgraaf MG, Frings-Dresen MHW (2016) The Effect of Cold Showering on Health and Work: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PLoS ONE 11(9):