A person that predicts something is more accurate if they trust themselves

Several studies found a correlation between a person’s trust in their feelings and predictions. This seems to be more than a matter of confidence.

However, the effect occurs only among individuals who possess sufficient background knowledge about the prediction domain. In this way you can better guess future outcomes like for example: the 2008 US Democratic presidential nomination, movie box-office success, the winner of American Idol and even the weather.

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People with faster reactions probably live longer.

Researchers studied 898 participants. They measured their quickness, occupation, and smoking.

Speed of reactions was quite good as a factor for predicting mortality.

Deary, I.J. & Derr, G. (2005). Reaction time explains IQ’s association with death. Psychological Science, 16, 64-69.

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A study has shown a new way to get teens to eat healthy.

Advertisers for junk food say that you can just run off whatever extra calories you eat. Recent studies show that this isn’t the case. Lack of exercise isn’t to blame for obesity rates. Poor diet is.

It is hard to get young people to eat good food.

Teens have the willpower to eat good food, if they believe that it is part of a rebellion. Getting teens motivated to rebel against companies that sell junk food will motivate them.

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The students who’d read this letter from a role model achieved higher grades

new study shows how to boost female science students’ grades. It also showed hot to reduce drop-out rates of female from science, technology, engineering, and maths degree courses.

Researchers surveyed two groups of first-year female students. 258 of them were studying psychology and 68 studying chemistry. Half of the students got a letter, from a female grad student in their field. It described her university experience. The other half of the students skipped this step.

The researchers composed the letter in which the female grad student emphasized how she’d overcome challenges. How she’d experienced feelings of not belonging.

At the end of the semester, the students who’d read this letter from a role model achieved higher grades. Moreover they were less likely to have dropped out.

The psych students who read the letter were 62 percent less likely to receive a D, E or F grade or withdraw. The chemistry students were 77 percent less likely to receive these grades or withdraw. Everything is compared with students who didn’t read the letter.

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