Lefties earn 10-12 percent less than righties do

We can explained it by their lower ability to lear and problem solve.

Sartarelli recruited 432 people, eight percent left-handers, to play a game. They had to put in effort and cut good deals. Some participants offered employment contracts to other participants. They played the roles of the “workforce” in the simulation.

The lefties achieved the same scores as the right-handers. They also brought home as much bacon in the simulation.

Researchers found some interesting relationships between the personality of left-handers and their performance.. They earned more when more extraverted, and less when more neurotic. At the same time, a 10 times bigger group of righties didn’t show this linking.

They also found that left-handers were more agreeable. Researchers connect these findings with lower salaries.

 Sartarelli M (2016) Handedness, Earnings, Ability and Personality. Evidence from the Lab. PLoS ONE 11(10): e0164412. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0164412

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Researchers found that admission of an imperfection is an effective strategy to reducing a negative reaction.

It also helps to cope with the negative assessment of our person or presented contents.

Students were divided into three groups during the experiment. The first group was asked to read some text preceded by information that the material may be incomprehensible. The second group received this same information after reading it, while the third group of respondents read the text without any extra information.

The students in the first group said that the text was quite understandable. At the same time, the two other groups revealed that the fragment was not suitable for reading.

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Research Showed It’s Better to Have Two Passions (Hobbies) in Life Than One

Researchers surveyed 1,218 undergrads about their most favorite activity and their second favorite.

The researchers found that having two passions is better than having one. By this you enhance happiness, well being, and positive moods. You can even separate the same period of time into two passions instead of one. It still increases your happiness and well-being.

Bear in mind that we don’t know if happier people are more likely to have multiple passions. Maybe many passions cause extra happiness.

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Intelligent men are always attractive

A group of 204 women were evaluated based on the long- and short-term appeal of videos of 15 men. They had a known level of intelligence and physical features.

Findings say that women look for geniuses for both one-night stands and for long-term relationships.

However, other studies suggest that women don’t care about the brain for short-term relationships.

Prokosch, Mark D. et al.; Intelligence and mate choice: intelligent men are always appealing; Evolution and Human Behavior , Volume 30 , Issue 1 , 11 – 20

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