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More than 2 000 participants showed that people with good self-control have better habits

… as such: regular exercise, eating healthy food, and getting enough sleep.

So clear. 🙂

Galla B, Duckworth AL., “More than resisting temptation: Beneficial habits mediate the relationship between self-control and positive life outcomes.”, J Pers Soc Psychol. 2015 Sep;109(3):508-25. doi: 10.1037/pspp0000026. Epub 2015 Feb 2.

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Would you pay more for an hour of happiness or an hour of avoiding sadness?


The participants were willing to pay more for a pleasant experience than simply avoiding an unpleasant time. The subjects most valued an hour of love (about 120USD) than happiness and sadness.

To avoid an hour of disgust, which ranked in last place, the respondents said they would pay an average of 55USD.

The effect of the valuation of emotions depends on a person’s culture. The British would pay the most for happiness, joy and peace, while the Japanese are willing to pay more for avoiding grief, shame, and frustration.

Scientists believe that avoiding a negative experience is more important for a person’s well-being than having a positive experience.

They share the attitudes of the Japanese people, who focus primarily on social expectations, and not on their own personal welfare.

Lau, H., White, M., and Schnall, S. (2012). Quantifying the Value of Emotions Using a Willingness to Pay Approach. Journal of Happiness Studies , Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 1543–1561

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A study has shown a new way to get teens to eat healthy.

Advertisers for junk food say that you can just run off whatever extra calories you eat. Recent studies show that this isn’t the case. Lack of exercise isn’t to blame for obesity rates. Poor diet is.

It is hard to get young people to eat good food.

Teens have the willpower to eat good food, if they believe that it is part of a rebellion. Getting teens motivated to rebel against companies that sell junk food will motivate them.

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You need to test someone in at least nine situations to know their levels of wisdom

Results showed that some people showed more wisdom than others. But this difference between some people’s wisdom was smaller than the difference between wisdom in particular situations.

Research also showed that people display more wisdom when they are with other people.

Furthermore, keeping a diary also improves wisdom levels. Perhaps a diary helps to improve self-reflection.

Researchers also checked gender, education level, and age. It turned out that only age impacted the level of wisdom. Neither gender nor education level had an effect.

The scientist, Grossman, also stated that measuring wisdom with a single questionnaire item is unreliable. Because a person’s wisdom differs so much from one situation to another, Grossman said you’d really need to test someone on at least nine situations to know their levels of wisdom.

Igor Grossmann, Tanja M. Gerlach, Jaap J. A. Denissen; “Wise Reasoning in the Face of Everyday Life Challenges”; First Published; June 3, 2016, Vol 7, Issue 7

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A custom office helps workers be more productive.

This study shows that workers who can change their office work better than those who can’t. Having control over office space allows people to feel more comfortable. This lets them work better.

The study shows that rich workplace decor produces better team performance than lean spaces.

Greenaway, K., Thai, H., Haslam, S., & Murphy, S. “Spaces That Signal Identity Improve Workplace Productivity” Journal of Personnel Psychology, 15 (1), 2016

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