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Good story-tellers are more attractive for women

The surveys found that the story itself didn’t matter all that much. How you present the story is what matter most.

Women were more interested in talented male story-tellers as long-term partners. They considered storytellers to have higher status than non-storytellers. Only this.

John K. Donahue, Melanie C. Green; “A good story: Men’s storytelling ability affects their attractiveness and perceived status”; Personal Relationships, Volume 23, Issue 2
June 2016, Pages 199–213

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A set of studies on expectation and fantasy revealed some important findings. There were four studies.

The first study focused on graduates looking for a job. The second study focused on students with a romantic crush. The third study focused on students getting ready to take an exam. The fourth study focused on patients getting hip-replacement surgery.

Positive expectation defined as: judging (thinking about an obstaclesa desired future as likely. Positive fantasy named “daydreams,” defined as: positive views on mental images about a desired future.

The study found that positive expectations helped reach a desired goal. Meanwhile positive fantasy made it harder for a person to reach their goal. Fantasizing about a future may only serve as a distraction and make it harder to reach.

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Put More Effort Into a Project And You’ll Become More Passionate About It

In a research survey, 54 German entrepreneurs received projects to undertake. Researchers asked questions and the answers were used to generate ratings of effort and passion.

Those who put more effort into the tasks were more passionate about succeeding than those who did not put in much effort.

It showed that passion has a particular structure: free choice, results, and genuine effort. 

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Harder to read fonts boost student learning about 18%

Teachers used harder fonts on their slides, and handouts. Later they photocopied hand written work and blurred a bit. The teachers then used on class as the control group, giving them the perfect and not hard to read copies.

The other class were given harder reading material:

-12-point Comic Sans

-12-point Bodoni.

The big finding was that students with harder font answered 86.5% of questions correctly.

The other group, with the clear text scored 72.8% on the same test.

This is because we use our brains a little more on hard material, making us have a better understanding.

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