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A high-sugar diet shortens the lives of flies…

even after their diet improves. This is because the sugar diet leads to long-term reprogramming of gene expression.

The gene is also important for humans, so the findings may have broad implications for us.

The research team fed a healthy diet containing 5% sugar to one group and the other group was given 40% sugar. After three weeks both groups of flies ate healthy food. Flies live about 90 days, and they ate sugar for 23% of their life. This corresponds to approximately 17 years of our human life.

Even after healthy diet, the flies with a high-sugar diet started to die earlier average had 7% it means 5 human years.

Maybe now the question rise: is it better live longer or more pleasure?

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YOUR life really does flash before your eyes during near-death experiences

“An astonishing report has detailed survivors accounts of near-death experiences and found memories do flash through your eyes in the moments before a potentially fatal crisis.

Survivors who participated in the study detailed how they saw multiple events from their lifetime – not in chronological order and some even at the same time – when they faced death.


The report, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, said that the memories are often emotionally charged.”
source: Express magazine “THIS is what you see in the moments before your death – shock new study”

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The more time people feel pressure, the less likely they will be to think creatively.

On the days rated a seven (the highest level of pressure), people were 45% less likely to think creatively than they were on any of the lower-pressure days. (…)

Whatmore, more time pressure on a certain day meant less creative thinking that day, the next day, and the day after that.  In other words, participants seemed to experience a “pressure hangover” that lasted a couple of days at least.

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