When Couple Feel Understood, Their Relationship Grows in Spite of Issues

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A survey found that repeated arguments made one set of participants unhappy. But this was not true for another group who believed that their partners understood them. What more, the more participants understood each other the faster they resolved the problems.

Feeling understood during conflict may buffer against reduced relationship satisfaction in part. This strengthens the relationship. It also shows that the partners are considerate and are open to a positive behavioral change. (more…)


People who have experienced more misery show more mercy

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Researchers asked 224 people about their experiences. The participants answered questions about injuries, bereavements, disasters, and relationship breakdowns.

They also measured their empathy. At the end, they had a chance to donate to charity. The more misery the participants had experienced, the more empathy they had.

There was also a connection between greater generosity and higher donations to a charity. The kind of the adversity they suffered didn’t matter.



A research study showed that practicing mindfulness meditation for fifteen minutes enhances decision making

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One study with 156 online participants looked for mediating factors. This showed that mindfulness meditation resulted in less focus on the past, future, and negative effects.

What more, members made faster choices by cutting losses in the financial stock market. It is our usual tendency to continue losing because of previous investing.


The Police Believe a lot of Psychology Myths Related to Their Work

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What more, police officers have more confidence than the public in their false beliefs.

There are the statements or myths:

“People only confess when they have actually committed the crime they are being charged with.”

“Eye-witnesses are always the most reliable source of case-related information.”

All of these statements are not supported by research.

UK police believed, on average, in 18 of the 50 false statements vs. 19 among the public.

Even in interview techniques the police performed as poorly as the public, despite the training.



People who had suffered in life helped more people in need than those who had not suffered.

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This was true for people who suffered interpersonal and group-based harm and natural disasters; both countrymen and foreigners.


Pro-social attitudes toward tsunami victims were the highest among those who suffered from natural disasters.

Vollhardt JR, Staub E.; “Inclusive altruism born of suffering: the relationship between adversity and prosocial attitudes and behavior toward disadvantaged outgroups.” 2011 Jul; 81(3): 307-15.


We’re more willing to break social standards when the opportunity is in the middle

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rather than at the start or end of a sequence.

Researchers proved this pattern of judgment and behavior in obeying to:
– ethical standards (e.g., cheating),
– religious traditions (e.g., skipping religious rituals)
– and performance standards (e.g., “cutting corners” on a task).



There is a “Christmas Spirit Network” In the Human Brain

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The brains of people who celebrate Christmas show increases in activity. Researchers noticed activity in the sensory motor cortex, the premotor, and primary motor cortex.

These areas of the brain are associated with spirituality, somatic senses, and recognition of facial emotion among many other functions.

Brain scans of people who haven’t celebrated Christmas traditions nor have neutral associations with the holiday didn’t show this same kind of activity.



“People in an organization have a deep need to know and understand what is going on around them in relation to their work.

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Several thousand employees said it.

“…The more thoroughly and accurately you report to people the details and situation of your business, the happier they will be, and the better results they will get.” – Brian Tracy

Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income” – Brian Tracy chapter 7, p. 115