Coffee can help you at your next meeting, if you’re a woman

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This all depends on whether you are a man or a woman. The conflict resolution strategies causes them to react in different ways.

Women during a experiment improved in stressful meetings using caffeine. This was because they tended to have a conflict resolution style that is more collaborative.

Men in the experiment tended to do worse after using caffeine. This was because their fight or flight response was active. Caffeine enhanced this and made it harder to think.

In short, if you are a woman then drink coffee before your meeting. If you are a man, don’t.



There are four types of drunk personalities, and one to avoid

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Two of the personality types only change a little bit. These aren’t considered unusual in the study. The other two groups are of particular interest.

The first group, called the “Mary Poppins” had almost no change. When they drink they remain almost as if they were sober. Their personality does not change.

The next group, called, “Mr. Hydes” have a big change. They become meaner, and make more regrettable choices.

It includes poorer grades or regrettable sex. It’s also worth noting this group had the highest proportion of women (two-thirds, with the sample being overall 57 percent women).


Research states that people who dance often, stay happy often.

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The study also reveals the effects of musical moments on human emotions. Moving each organ has a different effect on those who watch. While dancing, hand movement is different to that of legs.

Clips, where dancers raise legs up to 90 degrees, generates more emotions among watchers. The same like rounded dance movements, rather than edgy ones, made watchers happier. In simple words, dance has a deep connection with our feelings and sensation.

A to C rounded dance movements, contrasted with non-round movements D to F. Image from Christensen et al 2016



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Elderly people are more prone to trust a cheater.

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People had to decide whether to make a mock investment with a person or not. They did get to see that person’s track record for returning the money they received.

Older people trust cheaters more often than young people by a fair margin.

Why this is, is still speculated. In questions after it seems the older people were not worried about losing the money. They seemed to think it was more important to be good to the other person and give them a chance.


Being familiar with an area makes you think you can travel faster.

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A new study has found why we can sometimes run late.

The problem that we don’t know about is the way the brain thinks about a familiar space. If you know a lot about a local area you will often believe you can travel through it faster than you can.

At the very least you can explain why you are late.