To Improve a Memory about 25%, Consider Cocoa!

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Healthy people, ages 50 to 69, drank a mixture high in antioxidants called cocoa flavanols for three months. And they performed better on a memory test than people who drank a low-flavanol mixture.

On average, they performed like people two to three decades younger on the memory task. They performed about 25 percent better than the low-flavanol group.

But you should remember that sugar hurt your memory. Thus you shouldn’t eat a lot of white chocolate but dark chocoalte.



Planning Ahead, to Get Ahead

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In a study on behavior an investigation was conducted.

This study looked into the way in which people choose between virtues and vices.

In this case a virtue is a choice which will require a small short term cost.

A virtue will also have larger long term gain.

A vice is a choice that allows for a small short term gain. A vice will have a larger long term loss.

People are better at choosing virtues over vices when they plan ahead. Planning ahead ensures that there will already be a delay in the outcome of the choice. Long-term decision making is easier for most people when it performed in advance. Short term choices made in the moment are more likely to result in giving in to short term pleasures. Working toward a better future is easier when rewards are further in the future. (more…)


Green Increase Your Creativity.

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A new study was all about green. If the findings are true then we all need a little greener in our lives.

Participants performed creative tasks after looking at a color. Those who looked at the color green did better than other people. It is not yet known why this happend. And even notebook with a green cover is enough to raise creativity.

The color green seems to enlight the mind and improve mood. THerefore, artists and you might have to trade out their blue rooms for green one’s if they want to keep their creative edge.


People who trust in their feelings predict the future events better than people who don’t trust in their feelings!

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Several studies found a correlation between a person’s trust in their feelings and predictions. A person that predicts something is more accurate if they trust themselves. This seems to be more than a matter of confidence.

It seems that belief in one’s self can make it easier to think about subjects that they understand.

When you know a lot on a subject confidence in yourself can help you think clearer. In this way you can better guess future outcomes like for example: the 2008 US Democratic presidential nomination, the stock market, the winner of American Idol and even the weather.

However, the effect occurs only among individuals who possess sufficient background knowledge about the prediction domain. It dissipates when the prediction criterion becomes inherently unpredictable.


Drink green tea which helps you lost weight

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Research has suggested that green tea is less processed therefore it has a good concentration of polyphenols known as catechins. These catechins are the active agents to help in weight loss. Catechines are responsible to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. These are the agents who increase the body temperature and burn the calories. Another study suggested that green tea also has some caffeine content which performs the duty of burning both calories and fat thus resulting in the reduction of weight. The office of dietary supplements has claimed that every 100 milligrams of caffeine burn extra 9 calories every time. (more…)


Repeatedly giving students reward for creative performance in the first task

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increased their creativity in next tasks. (Study 1 and 2)

Study 3 reported that reward promised for creativity increased college students’ creative task performance.

Second, expected reward for high performance might increase creativity. Everythin by enhancing perceived self-determination and, therefore, internal task interest.

Study 4 found that employees’ internal job interest conveyed a positive relationship between expected reward for high performance and creative suggestions offered at work. ”


The more time people feel pressure, the less likely they will be to think creatively.

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On the days rated a seven (the highest level of pressure), people were 45% less likely to think creatively than they were on any of the lower-pressure days. (…)

Whatmore, more time pressure on a certain day meant less creative thinking that day, the next day, and the day after that.  In other words, participants seemed to experience a “pressure hangover” that lasted a couple of days at least. (more…)